About the Artist

Because I am an artist of extraordinary diversity I am hard to categorize. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I moved to Texas when I was two years old and have been here ever since. Early on I showed a talent for drawing and painting. I traveled to Europe and beyond as a young man and was influence by the art that I saw there. I have also been influenced by the artists in my family. My work tends to be more contemporary with the show and gallery pieces, old world and decorative when I do murals and ceilings, and impressionistic with my ‘snapshot’ paintings.

While studying art and Drama in high school, briefly at The American School in London and at the University of Texas Arlington, I worked on designing sets, theatrical backdrops, murals, and paintings. Starting in college I painted as a means of support and now have been making a living exclusively as freelance artist for almost 35 years.

In that time I have worked in a wide variety of styles and mediums. Early on I painted murals, canvas paintings, watercolor and illustration. I was even featured in a Neiman Marcus catalogue for my skill at painting underwater scenes on the bottom of swimming pools. Working with epoxy pool paint led directly to my popular “Paint it Again, Sam”; series, which is now a closed series.  For a while I worked with an artist in Dallas who worked as a scenic artist for one of the big movie studios in California. Together we create large backdrops for the Houston and Dallas ballets and operas and other theatrical houses. I also did backdrops and set design for the Six Flags Corporation in Arlington and St. Louis and production companies, all the while creating my own original work. I also designed, created and produced canvas and ceiling murals for the Cinemark Theater Chain in their theaters around the country. Some of these images have been reproduced for their theaters in South America and Asia.

I developed the style I call “Sculptural Cubism” while toying with the cubist style in the 1980’s and use it to best effect for the famous faces and the animal series. I continue to create new faces as the inspiration strikes and for commission requests. I do portraiture in this style as well. I also work more traditionally and impressionisticly in paintings which I sometimes refer to as ‘snapshot’ paintings because I often use my photographs for inspiration.

The tree series was inspired by the old oak trees on my property that surround my home and studio, some of which are well over 100 years old. Dream tree specifically represents the repository of our dreams in case we lose them. As a child I played in the woods, climbed trees and built tree forts. Like all of us I was filled with dreams of what I would do in life and I imagine that these dreams somehow remain among the leaves and branches of the trees and are available to reclaim in case we forget.

I have also been working with the circuit board and mixed media style again. This series was started in the early 1990’s because I thought that circuit boards looked like aerial views of cities. Because of this I created cityscapes using the circuit boards as the buildings. Since this series began it has expanded beyond cityscapes and into other themes. Two early works from this series were used to illustrate a cover the of college textbooks, “Working with Computers”

My work is displayed in galleries, corporate offices, restaurants and private homes. The trompe l’oeil mural and decorative work I’ve done on walls, ceilings and domes are in some of the finest homes around Texas and beyond.

About 8 years ago I started applying to the  fine art festivals around the region and found success and adventure in a new and enjoyable outlet for my creative spirit. An added bonus is that my wife works with me at the shows.

I have one son, Harrison, who created this website. I now live in Colleyville, near Ft. Worth with my wife and frequent muse of 30 years, Claudia.