The diversity of my work often leaves people without a concrete way to categorize me. My restless mind and a desire to make a living utilizing my craft, overrode the prevailing advice of the art world, to stick with one thing that people can remember and recognize. In other words, build a brand. For better or worse I could not follow that advice and my brand became the very diversity I was warned to avoid. The result is almost 40 years of making a living with my craft and more than a dozen series and categories that I have worked in over the years.

I began my career with larger format work painting theater backdrops and murals and even painting the bottom of swimming pools to look like underwater scenes. For several years I did commercial murals including for the Cinemark Theater chain in their theaters all around the country. I have also spent years painting ceilings, domes and walls of private homes in many styles from traditional to trompe l’oeil, and from classical old world to contemporary.

Over the years I have been represented by numerous galleries including the Park West Galleries that sell reproductions of my work on cruise ships. When I started doing fine art festivals in the early 2000’s, I began selling a lot more work and my focus narrowed down to the two or three most popular series including the circuit board work, tree themes and tree themed landscapes, as well as other mixed media works.